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crafting urban camouflage: DIS2012


Approximately 15 participants will craft urban camouflage as part of DIS 2012 in Newcastle, UK.

Potential participants are invited to submit a brief written description (2-pages maximum) outlining their approach to managing visibility in public space and how it relates to their work and to design and the use of technologies. Participants are encouraged to include images, videos, graphics, animations and other visual formats to support their submission.

The deadline for submissions is 16 March 2012 23 March 2012.
Submissions should be sent to

The workshop will address questions concerning personal strategies for managing visibility in a technological landscape. We will focus on the following themes (other themes may be proposed by participants):

Strategies for controlling our personal visibility status
- What low-cost strategies will disrupt our presence to computer vision systems?
- What is the relationship between movement and visibility?
- How might we increase our visibility to computer vision systems?
- Can lighting, environmental conditions and configuration affect our visibility?
- How does personal visibility to tracking systems change over the course of a day?

Social aspects of managing visibility
- What are the social consequences of becoming invisible to digital systems?
- Do we become more or less visible to other people in the space?
- How might managing our visibility affect our inhabitation patterns of space?
- Does visibility alter where we go?
- Are some people more visible than others to computer vision tracking systems?

Design outcomes
- What broad design strategies help us manage our relationship with computer vision technologies?
- What are the implications of these strategies for designers of computer tracking systems?
- What are the implications of these strategies for architects?